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SRD was developed for users with active HPCMP accounts.

Secure Remote Desktop

The Secure Remote Desktop (SRD) enables an active HPCMP researcher to securely launch a gnome desktop on a DSRC Utility Server. This desktop is then piped to the user's local workstation (Linux, Mac, or Windows) for display. Launching an SRD desktop is made easy by clicking through a Java interface client. Once the desktop is launched, a user may run any software application installed on the utility server.

Interested in SRD but would like to see it in action? The short video shown above outlines the launch process and demonstrates some of its capabilities.


SRD requires the standard HPCMP Kerberos kit and either a Java or Perl client installation on the user's workstation (Linux, Mac, or Windows).


The SRD utility is a highly optimized hardware/software combination for graphical processing and remote rendering. Each SRD session is initiated as a PBS job. The SRD software suite manages all stages of a user's session - polling the status of current jobs in the queue, submitting new SRD jobs for the user, getting status updates until your job starts, launching and connecting to the desktop, and finally closing the job when the user is finished - to free resources back to the community. More about the history and other design details can be seen in the User Guide.


Installing SRD requires the download of a single zip file (or tarball), the unpacking of that file, and a double-click on the newly unpacked installer. No special permissions are necessary to run the installer. New users can proceed directly to the Installer page. Veteran SRD users should review the V2.1 Migration page for hints on making the transition.

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