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SRD was developed for users with active HPCMP accounts. The links on this page require authentication. If you are currently an active HPCMP researcher, and you have problems navigating to the following pages, please feel free to contact the Consolidated Customer Assistance Center (CCAC) for assistance.

Secure Remote Desktop (SRD)

SRD is a suite of software that allows an active HPCMP researcher the ability to securely launch a virtual network computing (VNC) desktop from a DSRC Utility Server. The SRD software suite is highly optimized for graphical processing and remote rendering. It manages all stages of a user's session - from querying the status of current jobs running in the PBS queue, submitting a new job, getting updated status of the submitted job until it starts running, starting a remote desktop, and finally closing the job when finished to free resources back to the community.

Launching SRD

To web launch SRD, you must first authenticate on the CCAC Apps Portal before reaching the launch site. You may optionally install a local version from an installer tool.

image of a user running SRD

SRD Requirements

SRD requires the standard HPCMP Kerberos Kit in order to obtain a Kerberos ticket and either a Java or Perl installation on the user's workstation. It is compatible with Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems.

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