ezViz Batch Mode
Most HPCMP Platforms

ezViz Batch Mode

ezViz Batch Mode is an offline visualization tool meant for post-processing or co-visualization of simulation outputs. It has three main operating modes:

  1. C/C++ API - There is a C/C++ API that can be compiled directly into your Simulation Codes for co-visualization of our data as the simulation is running.
  2. Post-processing - Using the previously stated API, you can write your own "intelligent" visualization tools.
  3. ezVizGeneric - There is a standalone binary named ezVizGeneric that can be used to process data once it is written to disk.

Most commonly, people use the ezVizGeneric binary. This allows users to write a simple ezVizGeneric script that specifies the type of data to load from disk, the operations to perform, and how the output will be written back to disk. Most commonly, data is read from disk and images are written back, but other options are available. This allows a large quantity of data to be processed non-interactively into images, which offers many benefits:

  • It can be run after the simulation is complete or while the simulation is running
  • Generating the images often is significantly faster than generating the data
  • The resulting images are often significantly smaller than the source data, making transferring and analysis faster
  • The entire process happens noninteractively, meaning it can run without user intervention and process a large number of data files

Installation Locations

ezViz is installed on the following systems:

ezViz Installation Locations
Site System Version Module Load Location
ERDC DSRC Garnet 1.6 yes $DAAC_HOME/ezviz/bin
ORS Copper 1.6 yes $DAAC_HOME/ezviz/bin
AFRL DSRC Spirit 1.6 yes $DAAC_HOME/ezviz/bin
NAVY DSRC Kilrain 1.6 yes $DAAC_HOME/ezviz/bin
NAVY DSRC Haise 1.6 yes $DAAC_HOME/ezviz/bin
ARL DSRC Harold 1.6 yes $DAAC_HOME/ezviz/bin
ARL DSRC Pershing 1.6 yes $DAAC_HOME/ezviz/bin
MHPCC DSRC Riptide 1.6 yes $DAAC_HOME/ezviz/bin

ezViz is also available on certain Classified systems. Contact DAAC for details.

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