Introduction to Scientific Visualization

Scientific visualization is a branch of computer graphics that is concerned with visually analyzing and interpreting data. The data being analyzed may be the product of a physical task (such as collecting information from sensors) or computational simulation. The goal of analyzing and interpreting data, and hence scientific visualization, is to gain insight and understanding into the process being studied. (more)

HPC Accounts

If you're new to the HPC systems of the High Performance Computing and Modernization Program, or if you just need a quick refresher, all the information you need to get started can be found on the Getting Started page of the HPC Centers Website.

Client-Server Software

HPCMP users can obtain special versions of EnSight, ParaView, and VisIt that will establish a remote connection to the supercomputers. Find out where to get the tarball files and more (here).

Secure Remote Desktop

SRD allows any active HPCMP researcher to launch a Gnome desktop from HPC systems with graphics nodes; the remote desktop is displayed on the user's client platform (Linux, Mac, or Windows). (more)