ParaView 2-D Glyph Source

2-D Glyph Source in ParaView
2-D Glyph Source in ParaView

The 2-D glyph source uses the VTK source vtkConeSource. The source generates and displays a variety of 2-D glyphs.

  1. The user selects Source->2D Glyph from the main menu. This will open the 2-D Glyph Source interface.
  2. The Glyph Type menu allows the user to choose between a vertex, a dash, a cross, a thick cross, a triangle, a square, a circle, a diamond, an arrow, or a thick arrow for a glyph.
  3. The Filled check box toggles on/off whether the glyph is created with polygons (on) or lines (off).
  4. The Center boxes allow the user to specify the center of the glyph to be created.
  5. The Apply button must be pressed before the glyph will be generated.

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