ParaView ParaView Batch Mode

One use of ParaView is in batch mode, where it is much simpler to automate long-running visualizations and repeat identical processes over multiple input files.


  1. First start up regular ParaView and construct your visualization. If your dataset is too large, use a decimated equivalent or representative sample.
  2. Once your visualization is operational, use the Save Batch Script option to save a batch script to disk.
  3. Copy this batch script to the desired system.
  4. After ensuring that ParaView is correctly installed and ready to run, simply execute:
    pvbatch file.pvb

ParaView Batch should start and process the file automatically.


The ParaView batch script is a TCL script enhanced with ParaView's TCL extensions. By editing it with a simple text editor, you can modify the input filename to use a larger dataset, or wrap your execution of pvbatch with a script to repeat it across multiple datasets.

While pvbatch can be run with MPI to parallelize the process, it cannot be run to connect to a remote data server or render server. The entire process must run on a single system.

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