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Clean Filter in ParaView
Clean Filter in ParaView

The Clean filter uses the VTK filter vtkCleanPolyData. The filter merges coincident points if they do not meet certain criteria.

  1. First the user selects the data they wish to operate on from the Selection Window. It will be highlighted yellow when this occurs.
  2. The user can then select Filter->Alphabetical->Clean from the main menu.
  3. The Piece invariant checkbox removes seams when running in parallel.
  4. The Tolerance slider is used to govern the tolerance of when two points are coincident in terms of length of the bounding box.
  5. The Absolute tolerance is the tolerance in absolute terms.
  6. The Tolerance is absolute checkbox turns on/off the use of Absolute tolerance.
  7. The Convert Lines to Points checkbox turns on/off the conversion of degenerate lines to points.
  8. The Convert Polys to Lines checkbox turns on/off the conversion of degenerate polygons to lines.
  9. The Convert Strips to Polys checkbox turns on/off the conversion of degenerate triangle strips to polygons.
  10. The Point Merging checkbox turns on/off the merging of points.
  11. The Apply button must be pressed before the surface will be generated.

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