ParaView Delaunay2D

Delaunay2D Filter in ParaView
Delaunay2D Filter in ParaView

The Delaunay2D filter uses the VTK filter vtkDelaunay2D. This filter creates a 2-D Delaunay triangulation from a set of input points (in the vtkPointSet format) that is nearly planar. The output is vtkPolyData.

  1. First the user selects the data they wish to operate on from the Selection Window. It will be highlighted when this occurs.
  2. The user can then select Filter->Alphabetical->Delaunay2D from the main menu.
  3. The user can select between the 'Project Plane Mode'. The two options are:
    1. Use only the X-Y coordinates.
    2. Project onto a best fitting plane.
  4. The user can specify the distance value (Alpha) to control the output of this filter. For a value of zero, only triangles will be output. For a nonzero value, only edges or triangles within a bounding sphere centered at the mesh vertex will be output.
  5. The user can specify a tolerance to discard points that are spaced close together.
  6. The user can specify a multiplier in the Offset box to control the initial bounding triangulation.
  7. The user can toggle on/off the Bounding Triangulation checkbox. If true, this will output bounding triangulation points as part of the output. This feature is used for debugging purposes.
  8. The Apply button must be pressed before the output will be generated.

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