ParaView Point Source

Point Source in ParaView
Point Source in ParaView

The Point source uses the VTK source vtkPointSource. The source generates and displays a point cloud.

  1. The user selects Source->Point from the main menu. This will open the Point Source interface.
  2. The Show Point boxes allow the user to toggle on/off the initial point widget at the Point location.
  3. The Point boxes allows the user to specify the center point of the point cloud.
  4. The Number of Points box allow the user to specify the number of points in the point cloud.
  5. The Radius box allows the user to specify a radius around the Point in which the point cloud will be generated. If the user specifies the radius is zero, then all the points in the point cloud will occur at the Point location.
  6. The Apply button must be pressed before the plane will be generated.

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