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Probe Filter in ParaView
Probe Filter in ParaView

The Probe filter uses the VTK filter vtkPProbeFilter. The filter samples data attributes at a point or along a line. Data from probed lines can be displayed in a graph.

  1. First the user selects the data they wish to operate on from the Selection Window. It will be highlighted when this occurs.
  2. The user can then select Filter->Alphabetical->Probe from the main menu.
  3. The Probe Type menu allows the user to pick a point source.
  4. The Show Point checkbox toggles on/off the visibility of the point widget.
  5. The Center on Bounds button centers the point widget in the center of the data.
  6. The Point boxes allow the user to position the point widget for probing.
  7. The Number of Points allows the user to choose the number of points.
  8. The Radius allows the user to choose a radius away from the point widget that the probe occurs.
  9. The Apply button must be pressed before the Outline will be generated.

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