ParaView Programmable Source

Programmable Source in ParaView
Programmable Source in ParaView

The Programmable source generates and allows the user to specify a source using a python program.

  1. The user selects Source->Programmable Source from the main menu. This opens the Programmable Source interface.
  2. The Output Data Set Type pull-down menu allows the user to determine the dataset type for the output of the programmable source. The choices are the same as Input, vtkPolyData, vtkStructuredGrid, vtkRectilinearGrid, vtkUnstructuredGrid, and vtkImageData.
  3. The Script box allows the user to specify the python program that the programmable source runs.
  4. The Script (Request Information) box allows the user to specify a python script that is executed during the RequestInformation pipeline pass.
  5. The Apply button must be pressed before the plane will be generated.

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