ParaView Save Animation

Save Animation in ParaView
SaveAnimation in ParaView

Once the user has created an animation in ParaView, they can save it as either an AVI file, or as a series of image files. ParaView allowable image file types are JPEG, TIFF, or PNG for saving an animation. One image is created for every animation frame. When a user chooses to save an animation, all the windows, if Multiview is being used, will be saved.

  1. The user can then select File->Save Animation from the main menu.
  2. Frame Rate (fps) allows the user to change the frame rate of the animation.
  3. No. of Frames/time step allows the user to change the number of frames per time step.
  4. Resolution allows the user to change the resolution of the animation.
  5. The Save Animation button must be pressed before the animation is saved.

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