ParaView Save Image

Save Image in ParaView
Save Image in ParaView

Save Image Options in ParaView
Save Image Options in ParaView

A user may want to save an image of the display area instead of saving their data. The user must ensure that no other windows are covering a portion of the display area. Otherwise, the resulting image may contain a portion of the window that is covering the display area.

  1. The user can then select File->Save Screenshot from the main menu. Different formats are available for saving the image.
    1. PNG Image Files (*.png)
    2. BMP Image Files (*.bmp)
    3. TIFF Image Files (*.tif)
    4. PPM Image Files (*.ppm)
    5. JPEG Image Files (*.jpg)
    6. PDF Image Files (*.pdf)
  2. The user selects where the file needs to be saved, and under what file name, then clicks Save. The image file will then be saved to disk.


  • When running on a distributed system, the Save View Image command can take a while, as each node must render a full resolution version of the image and the results must be composited.
  • Some operating modes will take screen grabs of the ParaView window and composite them to build the screen shot. Because of this, any obstructions of the 3-D Display Window may corrupt your saved image.

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