ParaView Save Session

Save Session in ParaView
Save Session in ParaView

A user may want to save a session file recording of what they have done to create the visualization. ParaView supports this with the option of saving either a session state or a session trace file. Both the state and trace files are saved in the same format, and are written in the Tcl scripting language. Both the session and the trace files can be loaded either by selecting File->Load Session from the ParaView GUI, or on the command line
"./ParaView SessionStateFile.pvs". A session state file records only those events that contribute to a visualization. A session trace file records all the events that took place, including those that did not contribute to a visualization.

  1. To save the session state, the user can select File->Save Session State from the main menu.
  2. To save the session trace, the user can select File->Save Session Trace from the main menu.
  3. The user selects where the file needs to be saved, and under what file name, then clicks Save. The session file will then be saved to disk.

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