ParaView Threshold

Threshold Filter in ParaView
Threshold Filter in ParaView

The Threshold filter uses the VTK filter vtkThreshold. The filter extracts cells that have scalars in the specified range for the active data set.

  1. First the user selects the data they wish to operate on from the Selection Window. It will be highlighted when this occurs.
  2. The user can then select Filter->Alphabetical->Threshold from the main menu, or click on the Threshold ParaView Threshold Button Button. This will open the Threshold Filter interface.
  3. The Attribute Mode menu allows the user to select from using point data or cell data.
  4. The Scalars menu allows the user to select from various scalars in the data set.
  5. The Lower Threshold box specifies the minimum threshold value.
  6. The Upper Threshold box specifies the maximum threshold value.
  7. The Apply button must be pressed before any cutting planes or spheres will be generated.
  8. The color attributes of the cutting plane|sphere can be changed as is detailed in the Coloring Data in ParaView Section.

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