ParaView Volume Rendering

Volume Rendering in ParaView
Volume Rendering in ParaView

Volume rendering is a technique for displaying a 3-D scalar field without the use of polygons. In ParaView, volume rendering is only available for unstructured data sets. Structured data sets must first be converted into unstructured data sets by using the Tetrahedralize Filter.

  1. First the user selects the data they wish to operate on from the Selection Window. It will be highlighted when this occurs.
  2. If the data set is unstructured, the user can then select the Volume Rendering option from the Display Tab. If the data set is not unstructured, this option will not be available.
  3. The Apply button must be pressed before the request will be processed.
  4. The transfer function can be modified in using the Edit Volume Appearance button in the Display Tab.

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