VisIt Contour Plots

Contour Plot Attributes in VisIt
Contour Plot Attributes in VisIt

A Contour Plot displays lines (for 2-D plots) and surfaces (for 3-D plots). The 2-D Contour Plot is called an isoline. The 3-D Contour Plot is called an isosurface. These lines or surfaces are places where the scalar values are all the same in a VisIt database. In VisIt, creating a contour (, isosurface) is relatively straightforward. First, choose the variable from which you want to create the contour.

  1. In the Plot Manager section of the VisIt Main Window, select Plots->Contour and choose the scalar variable that you want.
  2. In the Plot Manager section, select OpAtts->Contour. This will allow you to change the contour value. By default, VisIt chooses 10 levels that are linearly spaced between the minimum and maximum values. For a single isosurface, change the Select by pull-down menu to Value(s) and input a single value.
  3. Click on Apply.
  4. Click on the Draw button in the Plot Manager section.
  5. At this point, you will have an isosurface (or if you like, a single contour) displayed on the screen.

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